Discover Effective Methods for Cleaning Up Your Credit History Efficiently

I have made hundreds of mistakes and have found a full-step process that can truly work for anyone. The process to clean your credit, acquire financing, and Invest to create passive cash flow.

Ethical and Legal Compliance Mastery For Credit Solutions




You must start by accurately finding negative items that are affecting your credit, request their removal and follow up until you have guaranteed the removal!



Since that has been achieved you can attain cheap or even free money, and access to financing to be able to gain complete freedom forever!



How to structure your business so you are not liable, and you are secure to conduct business and gain access to business funding!

This program comes with weekly coaching calls and Q&A

“Nothing in the world can stop a determined man except himself”


  • Credit intervention letters

  • Business Funding Guide

  • Business Structure Guide

Instead of constant denials walk in knowing you will have constant approvals!


I literally Spent 2.5 years trying to fix my credit, paying high-level people and buying plenty of courses. I had paid lawyers businessmen and all the above. I wanted to know how to get this done so I could live the life of my dreams.

When I realized the states and Canada have completely different laws this is where I started. I realized I would have to implement these consumer laws and tailor my approach to get the results I was looking for. After spending all this time I finally started seeing results I was ecstatic!

I didn’t stop I went full force and continued to learn. When I came to the last couple of items I had to dispute I saw how far I came and how I really did this on my own. This is what prompted me to offer this program to save you tremendous stress, endlessly getting no results and to show you the tried and true method!

Lessons to learn from my mistakes!!


  • You must wait 7 years for something to be removed from your credit

  • You cannot delete collections off your credit report

  • You are not able to challenge negative items and have them removed

  • You cannot be financially independent

  • Bankruptcies, collections, inquiries and late payments cannot be removed!

  • Credit is not important and doesn’t play a factor in living abundantly

  • ALL LIES!!


  • Save yourself the tremendous stress this would take you and allow me to guide you through the program

  • Do you have negative, inaccurate or unverified account’s harming your ability to access credit?

  • How much money would you spend to attain unlimited financing and permanently change your financial household?

  • To figure this out alone would take you years instead of months!!

  • You could be spending all that saved time condensed time to double down on your dreams!

  • You can easily try this yourself and spend years getting no results, this has been done by many don’t be that person!

  • Understand how to completely structure and fund any business venture of your dreams!

  • Learn how the banks asses you and your business before providing funding.

When Grant Cardone did an undercover billionaire challenge you saw firsthand the power of partnerships but also the power of credit!!! Grant used the business owners’ business credit to purchase real estate, grow the company and scale ads for other companies! This was the true definition of the power of intelligence, business, and CREDIT!!

“In order to be knowledgeable in these changing times, we must pursue a constant program of self-improvement, a never-ending journey into new fields of knowledge and learning.” - Og Mandino


  • Ensure you are taken seriously.

  • With the real-life tested implementation of my process and years of hands-on trial and error, I was able to achieve this system which I offer to you. I have created a system that is a construct for all. Don’t let my years of pain become yours!

  • Discover how to identify each disputed item

  • Identify, understand and dispute. This will give you a complete list of what is needed to meet all guidelines with the bureaus and lenders clearly and most importantly legally.

  • State facts with conviction

  • Remove the guesswork and delayed years of pain! Operate from a proven system of use to get your desired outcomes. You don’t have years; you need to implement this immediately!immediately.

  • Clarify and understand how to structure your business properly! business properly!

  • See what you didn’t before and let your progress and understanding speak for themselves.

  • Understand how to go finance your dreams and have the banks as your best friends!


  • Free business in a day bundle

  • Free entrepreneur courses download

  • 0-20k Course

  • Structurally Sound - Detailed loan payment visuals,

Crushing debt calculators, weekly planners and financial breakdown automated system

  • Free bonus letters

According to Canadian consumer protection laws, you reserve the right to access an accurate credit report. With our credit bundle and structuring, you can do just that with confidence and clarity.

The greatest pain in the world is unrealized potential and more importantly, not living up to your highest potential.

If you fail to act with urgency and tenacity in everything in life, you will always live with that deep regret of backing down instead of getting mean! People see that written right on your forehead when you are not serious and idly coasting, talking about your job. Our natural state is one of abundance, or will you continue just to be a slave!!

Orient phase – week 1-4

Asses how to find inaccurate or negative accounts and accurately request removal by law.

Organize Phase – Week 5-8

Structure your business so you have a business that is legally recognized, available for financing and is not personally liable for your potential downfall.

Outstanding Phase – Week 9-12

Your business is in position to access the banks money with the proven guide that has been kept secret.


  • Repair negative credit, acquire funding, invest and live off passive income.

  • Healthy habits, daily action, extreme focus, accountability= Unstoppable

  • The pathway to freedom entails going through what you thought you couldn’t and becoming the best version of yourself! Adversity always proves what type of person you are. Where you fail to grow, understand you are being soft where you could have been real with yourself!

  • Have banks see you as someone who is the ideal candidate to work and partner with!


The comfort zone is where your dreams go to die, is massive action needed to take ownership? Of course, it is. That’s what separates the real from the fake! As long as you take daily measures to ensure you are becoming your best, nothing can stop you when the tunnel vision takes over!

Through your sacrifice your results will become bliss.

Community Group:

Like-minded individuals

Keep the circle small

We hit goals

Positive people in dark times

Never be alone


  1. Direct personal coaching

  2. Weekly accountability check ins

  3. In depth courses with video-guided walkthrough

  4. Access to high-level conversation you might wont receive elsewhere!


I can only take on a limited number of clients so don’t delay book your spot and reserve it now! This is a very exclusive opportunity where you can directly work with me! I give my all to everyone who signs up and treat you like family, to give everyone the highest level of what you would expect in a course the program is limited in size!

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We must pursue a constant program of self-improvement, a never-ending journey into new fields of knowledge and learning." Now it's your chance to embark on this transformative journey with us.

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